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Laser Therapy South

...Where Being a Quitter, Is a Good Thing!

Vaping Facts

  • Vaping products can be a strong gateway to cigarette smoking.
  • E Cigarettes and other vaping devices are Not FDA approved.
  • Long-term health effects on users and bystanders are still unknown.
  • Vaping has been linked to seizures.
  • In some cases, e-cigarette devices have exploded, causing burns or fires.
  • E-cigarette manufactures target youth by offering kid-friendly flavors and packaging e-liquids to look like common food items.
  • E-cigarettes are the most commonly-used tobacco product among teens. In 2018, over 20% of high school students reported having used e-cigarettes in the last 30 days.

Bottom Line:

Quit Looking for a Loophole and Just QUIT!

Escape the Vape!

Call T O D A Y!